As quick as they may be, the choices you make during your high school years can have a lasting impact on the years that follow. We would like to help you make a positive impact on your future by creating a roadmap that will help you stay on a successful path.

The more you talk about potential future plans, the more likely they are to become a reality. Let us help you put the pieces together. Whether you are interested in pursuing a college education, attending trade school, or entering the workforce, we are here to offer support, guidance, and connect you with resources to make it happen.

How to Stay on Track

Being a student at Kootenai Bridge Academy allows you the flexibility to set your own graduation goals based on how many credits you have to complete. In order to graduate with your high school diploma, you must meet graduation requirements

set forth by the Idaho State Department of Education. You should be working closely with your teacher to ensure you are making progress at a pace that will get you to graduation by your goal date. Talk to your teacher or counselor about creating a written educational plan to keep you on track.

Advanced Opportunities 

All of our students have access to advanced opportunities that can help them accelerate their educational goals. The state offers funding for students to earn college credits while satisfying their high school requirements. What does this mean? This means that qualifying students are able to attend college courses on campus and receive both college and high school credit for the class.


The Fast Forward  program offered through the Idaho State Department of Education will pay the cost of tuition for dual credit courses while they are enrolled in high school. Contact Heather Olsen for more information about dual enrollment.  

Watch a presentation on the Fast Forward program here

We work closely with North Idaho College to offer Dual Enrollment for both core and elective courses to our attending students. In addition, we have created a unique opportunity for KBA students to enroll in Career Technical Education (CTE) and work towards earning technical certificates and Associate Degrees in technical programs while enrolled in high school.

Click here to see a list of programs available through NIC.

Paying For College or Trade School 

Attending post-secondary education has a direct affect on your employment opportunities and the financial potential of your future. There are numerous resources available to help relieve the financial burden of paying for college or trade school.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first place to start. The FAFSA application will determine your eligibility for federal grants (do not need to be paid back) and/or student loans (paid back in monthly payments after graduation). In addition to grants and loans, we encourage all of our students to apply for various scholarships in which they meet eligibility requirements for. 


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