2. What must be done to complete a home cleaning job?

You can find a full description of a home cleaning job here.

3. What must be done to complete a yard service job?

You can find a complete description of a yard service job here.

4. How do I get paid for a completed job?

Once you complete the job and confirm on the app, the customer will then have 24 hours to confirm completion. Once the customer confirms completion or the 24 hour period passes, whichever comes first, the funds are released for payment into your bank account directly however the funds may take 48 to 72 hours to register depending on your bank.

5. What if the job turns out not to be what is expected upon arrival?

If for example, the grass is far too high to be classified for basic lawn service or if the home cleaning job is far too dirty to be classified for basic surface cleaning, use the chat feature to chat with the customer. You may be able to come to an agreement for you to complete the job with an additional fee that would be settled outside the app with cash or personal check etc. Or, if you dont have time to complete it as it is, you may both agree to cancel that job.

6. I have more questions.  Can I speak with someone?

Absolutely! We would love to schedule a quick call to answer your questions. We can even walk you through the set up over the phone when you are ready. Just click here to pick a time that works best for you.

1. How do I sign up to be a service provider on the PINCH app?

It's easy! Just download the app, then follow the prompts to start the sign-up process or click here to set up a time with us to walk you through the sign-up process over the phone.

8. How do I receive job notifications?

When you sign up, the app will ask for you to check which of the PINCH network service areas match your service areas. Once a job is requested in one of your service areas, you will receive a notification (notifications mush be turned on in iphone settings) telling you where the job is located, the expected completion time window (24, 48, or 72 hours) and how much it pays. Be the first service provider to accept that job and it's yours to complete!

9. What happens if I receive a job notification and I dont accept it?

There is no penalty for not accepting a job notification. The notification just goes out to all providers that service the area where the job is located. Its totally up to you whether or not you want to accept the job. The job goes to the first provider to accept it.

7. I'm signed up on the app as a service provider, what happens next?

Once you are signed up, one of our administrators will reach out to you to complete the screening process which involves collecting some additional information and a simple background check covered by PINCH. Once you are approved, we will activate you as a service provider and you will start receiving jobs notifications as they come into your service area/s.

10. I have an android device.  How can I use PINCH?

At the moment, the PINCH app is only available on Apple iOS (on devices such as the iphone and ipad). However, PINCH will be available on Android soon. If you or someone who works for you has an Apple device now, it will be available for download on that device from the app store. If you only have an android device but still want to use PINCH, let us know here and we will contact you as soon as PINCH is available on Android.