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What does it mean to have a child in alternative school? It means that you are finding an environment better fit for them to succeed. Alternative students exist for a variety of reasons. They may experience social, emotional and/or learning differences, need additional support and guidance, are looking to work at a faster pace, or perhaps have life circumstances that challenge their current educational setting. Regardless of the reason, the staff at KBA focuses on the individual student to develop an educational roadmap that meets their current needs.

How do you support your student?

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Make educational goals with them, not FOR them!

Students who are allowed to lead the goal-setting process are better able to develop learner agency. Additionally, students are more likely to establish ownership of learning and feel a greater sense of control and confidence in their decisions and actions. These developing qualities lead to a greater likelihood of resilience and perseverance when faced with challenging times.

Creating an education plan with your student and your students teacher is a great start. This lays out a roadmap for the student to follow, while giving them the opportunity to work toward that goal independently. Quarterly check-ins are recommended to monitor progression toward goals and make alterations when needed.

Focus on current achievements and goals rather than past failures.

Reflection on past actions and outcomes is part of growing up and learning. However, when working with your student to develop new habits, focus on current achievements and look forward to future goals. When we bring up past failures, we relive the actions and negative emotions, causing us to step back into the event rather than forward into our goals. For teens, these failures can come with shame and potential trauma, both of which will not benefit future success. Offering praise for current achievements, and support for future ones, will foster an atmosphere of positive experience and reinforcement.

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And Finally, Keep In Touch!

Regular contact with your student’s teacher, and monitoring of their progress, results in more productivity from the student. Be sure to download our school app to stay on top of current news, resources, and announcements, as well as access to our teacher communication platform that is COMING SOON!

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Federal Communications Commission announced that 20 of the nation’s internet providers have committed to lowering costs for low-income households, a step that will essentially provide free internet for those participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program. This step will help to improve access to high-speed internet for 48 million households nationwide. The program lowers internet costs for eligible families by up to $30 per month through grant funding.

For families to receive this funding, they can go to to apply. Families can then select their preferred participating internet provider to have the discount applied to their bill.

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Empowering Parents Grants Available to Idaho Families in Mid-September

Eligible parents can to use grant funds to purchase education-related resources and services such as internet connectivity, computer hardware and software, instructional materials, tutoring and more from the Empowering Parents online marketplace. The program provides $1,000 per student or a maximum of $3,000 per family. K-12 students attending Idaho public or private schools or students who are homeschooled are eligible.

A portal is available on the State Board of Education website where parents can sign up to receive updates on the program. Visit