Hello Seniors!!!

This is a big year for you, and we want to make sure we are working together to get you where you want to be at the end of the year. Let’s go over a few things you should be keeping in your mind as we move through the year.

"How many credits do I have to complete this year?"

This is really what it all comes down to. It doesn’t matter whether you are a senior, a super senior or a junior; your path to graduation relies solely on the credits you complete and when you complete them.

12-14 Credits

You are on a traditional path, and as long as you keep up on your attendance, you will be set to graduate on time.

 14-18 Credits

It’s still completely doable to complete these credits in one year, but it is going to take some planning. It is essential that you meet with your teacher and go over the credits you have to complete and your timeline to complete them. Working out a lesson count will tell you exactly how many lessons you need to complete to reach your goal. It is up to you to then make the plan of how many lessons a day you need to do.

Over 20 Credits

Okay, you’ve had some setbacks, but how the year plays out is up to you. If finishing high school this year is a priority for you, a real priority, you will find the discipline to make it happen. Knowing exactly where you are is Step 1. How many credits do you need? How many lessons will it take to complete those credits? What other life responsibilities do you have? These are things to consider in making a realistic plan, emphasis on realistic!! If you have 24 credits to go, and only want to dedicate 5 hours a week to school, graduating by June is not a realistic goal. But, graduating by December may be! It’s all about setting priorities in place and outlining a clear plan. That’s what we are here for!! Talk to you teacher to start your plan!

"What if I'm ahead in credits?" 

If you are ahead in credits and set to graduate early, then we recommend you talk to Heather, our College and Career Counselor. There are options out there that you can take advantage of that will give you free college/trade tuition while you’re enrolled in high school.

Once you know where you're at and where you will be come June, be sure to register for graduation. This ensures that you and your KBA family are working together to reach your goals throughout the year.

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