Who We Are


Kootenai Bridge Academy was approved by the State Charter Commission and the State Board of Education in October 2008. It was built on a foundation of dedicated educators seeking to bridge the gap that exists between the traditional education system and student success.

Our approach to student progress is based on the idea that nothing in education matters if the needs of the individual student are not being met. Our small size and unique approach to learning allow us to focus on these needs and assist our students in their quest for progress.

We understand that not all students thrive in a traditional school setting, and for various reasons. Our goal is to recognize individual student barriers and assist in overcoming them. 

Our Staff  teaches with Firmness, Fairness and Love.

Meet Our Staff

How We Work

Our online curriculum delivery gives students flexibility in the pace at which they work, as well as the location and time they do their schooling. Students are loaded 2-3 courses at a time; however, if they choose to work on just one class at a time they can. Each course consists of a series of lesson quizzes, chapter posttests, and a final review test. Once the student passes the final review test with an 80% or above, they receive credit for that course and are given a new one. 

Attendance Policy

Students are responsible for completing 5 graded assessments with a score of 80% or better per day, Monday through Thursday. Failure to complete 5 will result in an absence being recorded for that day. Absences can be made up by successfully completing additional assessments; 5 extra assessments removes 1 absence.

Students are allowed 6 absences in each 9 week quarter. If they go over 6 absences, their GradPoint account will be deactivated and they will be required to complete an elective credit or wait until the next quarter to be reactivated.

Our attendance policy is created with student progress in mind. If the policy is followed, students should be earning 3 credits per quarter.