Graduating Troll

Senior Project is the culmination of 13 (or more!) years of dedicated blood, sweat, and most likely, many tears. As the time ticks down, so do the spaces available for Senior Project Presentation. Sign-Up for your spot now!!

What are the benefits of signing up now?

  • You get the day that works best for you.
  • You give yourself a deadline to complete your project
  • And most importantly....... you give yourself a deadline to complete your project!!! Yes, it's worth 2 spots on the list!!

 We know many of you dread the thought of completion and presentation of this task, but let us reassure's not that bad! For real, if you pick it apart piece by piece, you will see this is a breeze, beneficial to your continuations into adulthood, and maybe even a little fun! Too far??

Seriously, no need to wait, sign up now so you can  get it over with! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you will be done, and the less stress you put on yourself and your adoring KBA staff!

If you have any questions about senior project, just chat with your teacher, or any teacher. We are happy to help you navigate this road!