table of healthy snacks

It's no secret that food matters! Having a well fueled mind can help you push through this high school thing with a little less brutality and struggle! Not only will clean eating habits help you think clearer and sharpen your memory, they will make you feel better, look better and even make you sneeze gold (okay, maybe not,  just checking if you're actually reading!!)

Not sure what constitutes a healthy snack? Check out SnackNations Healthy Snack tips (no we do not endorse their products, this is just a pretty simple list to get your cogs turning). Or take the unsolicited advise I give my kids, "If you wouldn't feed it to your dog, don't put it in your body!"

And remember, we have a student dedicated refrigerator to keep your home brought snacks fresh! And if you don't have access to healthy snacks or want to learn more about making healthy habits, let's chat! We have you covered on both!