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Transitioning to an online school comes with it's perks; a flexible schedule being the most sought after of those perks. This flexibility gives you a new power over your day. But like Uncle Ben always says, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Those new to KBA, and online school in general, may be feeling this right now. You may have picked up a new job, got a puppy, or dove head strong into competitive pogo-sticking, then quickly felt overwhelmed, finding no time to fit in school. Sound familiar?

Here's a little secret; we hear it every day! We get it, balancing life is a challenge. And when you think you have it down, you throw a new something in the mix and then feel like you got hit by an emotional hurricane. You haven't done anything wrong, you are not different than everyone else, you have just encountered a moment of growth. An opportunity to level-up.

So if you have found yourself in this spot, please know you're not alone and there are many options out there besides dropping out, quitting your job, or tossing your pogo-stick in the lake. It all comes down to time management! 

Let's do a little math,. Okay, I'll do a little math!! There are 168 hours in a week. Let's say you get a generous 9 hours of sleep a night, now we are down to 105 hours. Work a full time job? We now have 65 hours left in your week. If you were to dedicate 4 days a week to school, with the high end of of 4 hours each day, you have just spent 16 of those 65 hours advancing toward a 13 year goal. You know what you have left? 49 hours!!!That's 49 hours to eat, dance, hike, get swole, learn Latin, sew a new pant suit, or yes, pogo-stick!

How do you claim those elusive 49 hours? By planning. Make a schedule. If you have a job, you have a schedule. When you were in traditional classrooms, you had a schedule. Schedule your school into your day. Turn off notifications. Work in a dedicated school space, not your bed! Share your schedule with your friends and family. If they don't respect your discipline for goals, they're not your homies!  

It's no secret you crazy kids love your cell phones, use it to your advantage. There are time management apps you can use to set a schedule, establish daily task list, and automatically turn off notifications during your scheduled school time. There is something deeply satisfying about physically, or even digitally, checking tasks off of a list. It is somewhere between watching paint pour and glass blowing. Or maybe ooblek settling and taffy being pulled. Either way, you get the picture, it's nice!

So, in conclusion of todays 'Deep Thoughts with Heather', if you're finding yourself paralyzed due to the cycle of procrastination and guilt, it's time to make a change! The first, or even fifth attempt may not work, and that's okay! Each attempt comes with a new set of knowledge about you! If school is a priority, you will find the way  to make it happen. We believe in you. And not just in a cheesy cliché way, we know Trolls are the most resilient students around, and you are a Troll!

Here are a few articles that highlight some apps to help with managing your time and attention. Some are free, others may cost a few dollars. Explore what may work for you. And remember that your KBA team is always here to chat about your challenges and help you trudge through the dirty depths of high school.

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