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Stay Informed

For the most current news, announcements and notifications, please download the KBA app on any Apple or Android device. If you need to communicate directly with your teacher, use the Rooms platform in the app, or email them at the information provided in our staff directory.

So your account got deactivated. Now what?

If you are trying to log into GradPoint/Connexus, and are unable to, this is most likely happening because you have gone over your number of allowed absences for the quarter. Here's what to do next:

  1. Contact your teacher to discuss the situation.

  2. Complete an elective credit.

  3. Once your account has been reactivated, complete extra assessments to return your attendance to good standing.

If your account is deactivated more than once during a quarter, you will need to wait until the start of the next quarter to continue. No need to reapply. Contact your teacher for more details.

Graduating Seniors

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College Entrance Exam

The college entrance exam (ACT/SAT), is a test that assesses your college readiness in Math, English, Reading, and with the ACT, Science. This exam is no longer a requirement for graduation; however, it may be a requirement for the college or university you are interested in attending. We will offer the ACT to you 2 times a year: once in October, and again in late April. If you are interested in taking the ACT, please contact Heather for more info and watch your announcements for sign-ups and deadlines.

ACT Study Resources

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TestNav is an ACT product and offers you the exact simulation that the test is delivered on at the school. This gives you the option of taking timed, as well as untimed practice tests in each subject.

STUDY.COM is a great guided practice for the ACT. It offers lessons, quizzes, and subjects tests, and full practice tests. There are fees associated with this resource, so please read the details before committing.


Staying on Track

Step 1 - Know where you're at. Set up a meeting with your teacher to go over your transcript and see where you are in your credit requirements.

Step 2 - Know where you're going. Every student has unique goals. Perhaps you missed your graduation last year and are looking to wrap up your requirements before December. Or, you're a sophomore wanting to set yourself up for full-time dual enrollment next year. No matter where you're at now, knowing where you want to be will help make your path clearer.

Step 3 - Make a plan. After reviewing where you're at and what you need, put it all into an educational plan. Outlining the credits you need with a timeline for completing them, you are able to set quarterly, weekly or even daily goals to keep you on track to meeting those goals.


Need Extra Help?

We understand that everyone's learning style is different. If you are finding yourself in need of additional help in a subject, or want to explore alternate resources outside of the school, check out the following FREE online tutoring tools.